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A Message from the Athletic Director

If you spend time around the Faith Family Academy (FFA) Athletic program, you will hear me talk about "Above the Line" behavior often. If you want people on your team to perform "Above the Line," then you must lead "Above the Line."

What is "Above the Line?" It's the quest to perform, behave, and react with the highest level of respect - for self and for others - at all times.

You hear it so often around here because I know that if we all embrace it – coaches and student-athletes alike – we will be an incredible program with an uncommon commitment to one another and to the hard work necessary to achieve our goals. We will be a program that pushes relentlessly to train and perform at the highest level.

I believe "the Line" starts with leadership.

Our FFA athletics program strives to provide a safe environment for all student-athletes to maximize their abilities - on and off the court - in a competitive setting. Together, we will create more than Champion athletes. Our student-athletes are learning important lessons in teamwork, preparation, dedication, discipline, sportsmanship, integrity, and proper work ethics.

I am honored to be FFA's Athletics Director. I've come with a highly respected coaching team to a highly respected athletics program, and look forward to working with each of our scholars and their families to build strong competitive teams. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you and am humbled to have the opportunity to team up with you and our athletes as we develop student-athletes as well as a coaching staff who are, quintessentially, "Above the Line."


Brandon Thomas

Athletic Director

Athletic Director

Brandon Thomas

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Central Administration, Oak Cliff High School
Athletic Director, Head Boys Basketball Coach

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