Bilingual, Dual Language, & ESL

About The Dual Language Program

What is Dual Language?

A dual language program is a bilingual way for educating all students. It allows for all students to have access to and benefit from bilingual education and general education programs.

What is Two-Way Immersion?

Two-Way Immersion is an enrichment program where two groups of language learners are actively engaged in learning in the same classroom. Two languages are acquired by all students by learning in and through the language of the day. The Two-Way Immersion program is a 50/50 model that presents instruction in Spanish 50% of the time and in English the other 50%. Native English speakers and native Spanish speakers are grouped together to provide peer language models from whom they can learn.

What is the goal of a Two-Way Dual Language Program?

The goal is to develop English speakers and non-English speakers into bilingual, biliterate and bicultural individuals who love learning, think critically and function effectively in a global society in two languages.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of a Two-Way Dual Language Program are that students acquire high levels of proficiency in two languages. Students will also improve their communication skills with members of other cultural groups. Because of the academic rigor the students will accelerate their academic success through higher order thinking skills in two languages. Another benefit is that the students and families will have a greater appreciation for diversity. After years of participation in the Two-Way Dual Language Program the students will increase their future career opportunities.

Who can participate?

Native English speakers, native Spanish speakers and speakers of other languages who commit to long term participation beginning in Pre-Kinder with each year adding a grade level through 5th grade.

What program does Oak Cliff Faith Family Academy offer?

In order to provide the highest level of academic instruction among multiple student populations we offer both a Two Way Immersion program and a One Way Immersion program. Both programs are designed as 50/50 models in which students learn to read and write in both languages simultaneously.

Bilingual Program Design:

Bilingual education is a required program that allows for academic instruction in the student's primary language, while simultaneously emphasizing a carefully structured development of the English language and abilities to function successfully in English. The amount of instruction in each language shall be commensurate with the students' linguistic proficiency and academic potential in both languages.

At Faith Family Academy, FFA, bilingual instruction is equal to understandable instruction. Students shall receive primary language instruction on grade level to master the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Students are expected to perform at the same level of their English-speaking peers. ESL instruction must occur daily in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students acquire a second language in stages and as a student progresses in the acquisition of English, the level of difficulty in the ESL instruction is increased.

Faith Family Academy has two models of bilingual education. The One-Way Dual Language model is for English learners only. Students are simultaneously learning English and Spanish in grades PK-5. By grade 2, instruction is delivered 50% of the time in each language.

The Two-Way Dual Language model is for students who are English only speakers and English learners (Spanish speakers). English speakers are assigned to an English teacher and the English learners are assigned to a Spanish teacher. Throughout the day, the two classes are grouped into two mixed classes. The students will rotate from English instruction to Spanish instruction daily.

ESL Program Design

The English as a Second Language (ESL) program is an intensive program designed to develop a English Language Learners proficiency in the listening, speaking, reading, and writing of the English language. The ESL program integrates the English Language Proficiency Standards, ELPS, at all levels.

Language Arts and Reading classes for ELL students at the secondary level are sheltered and ESL methods are used to ensure ample opportunities for second language learning. Content area courses that require higher levels of linguistic competence are also sheltered, and ESL strategies are used. The content instruction that students receive is parallel to that of their English-speaking peers. As students progress in the ESL, classes they enroll in are linguistically accommodated classes at the high school level for acceleration of mastery of the TEKS.

Tonie Garza

Tonie Garza
Bilingual & ESL Coordinator

Nora Fabela

Nora Fabela
Coordinator of Teaching & Learning, District Assessment

Maria Lopez

Maria Lopez
Elementary Bilingual Coordinator

Patricia Hubbard

Patricia Hubbard
Administrative Assistant of Bilingual, ESL, & GT