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English Language Arts

AP & Pre-AP Summer Assignments


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A recommendation for an AP class comes with responsibility. Students will be required to produce college level work their junior and senior years in high school AP classes, and are expected to do homework, reading and assignments over holidays and breaks, as well as summer reading and accompanying assignments. In turn, your child could possibly earn college credits, build college skills, and be on track for college admissions requirements.

The high school English department requires the following summer reading: All Students need to read the book Mythology by Edith Hamilton. Reading Assignments by Grade are as follows:

  • Incoming 9th Grade Must Read:
    • Part One: The Gods, the Creation, and the Earliest Heroes
    • Part Two: Stories of Love and Adventure
  • Incoming 10th Grade Must Read: Introduction to Classical Mythology
    • Part Three: The Great Heroes Before the Trojan War
    • Part Four: The Heroes of the Trojan War
  • Incoming 11th Grade Must Read:
    • Part Five: The Great Families of Mythology
    • Part Six: The Less Important Myths
  • Incoming 12th Grade Must Read:

This book is available for purchase at local bookstores, online, or may be checked out at a public library. The assignments by grade will be on the Faith Family Academy website under the Pre-AP/AP tab. Assignments are due by Monday, August 28, 2017 during the 2017-18 school year.

For more information on the AP program, go to:

Grade 9 AP English


English I Pre-AP

Summer Assignment

After reading chapters 1 and 2 of Mythology by Edith Hamilton, write an essay that shows connections between the myths shown in the book and things in our current time.

  • Create a cover page.
  • 5 paragraph essay.
  • Be sure to compare at least 3 myths (1 myth per body paragraph) and state them in your thesis.
  • Grammar will be taken into consideration.
  • Create a reference page with the sources you used to research information for the essay.
  • Include a drawing (half to full page) of your favorite myth and explain why you like it in at least a 5 sentence paragraph.

Grade 10 AP English


Compare and Contrast paper

Compare and contrast the adventures of Odysseus to the adventures of Aeneas. Your paper must be a minimum of three pages, maximum of five pages. It is important to show your brainstorm information for your paper first; if there is no brainstorming included in your paper and no thesis statement written on your brainstorming page, you will receive a highest grade of 70. The brainstorming page does not count towards your total page count.

Remember, when you compare and contrast, you have both similarities and differences in your paper. You do not need additional sources; however, if you use them be sure to list them as a source. You may go to other sections of the book. There is also a family tree at the back of the book. I encourage you to find a comparison list of Greek and Roman names so that you are not confused while reading The Adventures of Aeneas. Cite the list as a source. No Wikipedia.

  • Brainstorm topic-Venn Diagram, T-chart, list, etc… (not a part of page count total)
  • Thesis statement on brainstorm sheet
  • Essay
  • References/Source page (even if only Mythology book); does not count in page count total
  • Attach papers together
  • Due no later than Monday, August 28

Grade 11 AP English

AP Language and Composition Summer Reading Assignment

Throughout Edith Hamilton’s Mythology women play an important, if often unsung, role in many of the myths.

After reading parts five and six of the book, you will write a well-crafted three page typed (or five page hand-written) essay about a female character (either god or mortal) who you feel is very influential or powerful. Your paper must have a strong thesis statement, carefully thought-out examples, and a conclusion that sums up all your thoughts.

Tell me why you think this character is important to the story of which she is a part. Does she wield more or less power than the men in the story? How so? Also, compare this female character to a woman from either history or literature, then compare and contrast these women. How are they alike one another? How are they different? Why is it important that we understand these women’s stories?

Your essay must include references to Mythology parts five and six, as well as references to the literary or historical figure you have chosen.

Your paper will count as a major grade during the first semester of this course.

Grade 12 AP English

For the summer the Senior AP Literature students will:

  1. Buy Edith Hamilton’s “Mythology”.
  2. They will read through the Mythology Master List questions.
  3. They will choose 50 questions from the Master List.
  4. They will write out the questions and their answers on a sheet/s of paper.
  5. They will have these questions answered by the first week of class.

Click Here to Open "Mythology" Master List Questions