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Teaching & Learning Assessments

The following is a description of assessment types that are used by Faith Family Academy. Please click here to view assessment dates.

Common Assessment

These assessments may be any one of the following: 3 week or 6 week or mid-term

Created By

Teachers create these assessments, but they should be created as a team and the same across grade level.

Suggested Blueprint

Total # of items: 10

  • 6 items targeting Readiness Standards
  • 2 open-ended items
  • 2 scaffolding items*
  • 1 passage (Reading)

District Assessment

Administered in November and February. These will be given instead of 2nd and 5th six week common assessments for tested areas.




Total # of items: 20-25

  • 14 questions targeting Readiness/Supporting
  • 2 open ended items
  • 4 scaffolding items*
  • 2 Passages (Reading)

District Benchmark

Details can be retrieved from Felicia Johnson. This is a released version of the STAAR.