Soaring Through the Summer with Eagle Flight School

Faith Family Academy offers Eagle Flight School, a summer program for all ages that allows students to keep up and get ahead. While summer school is often assumed to be punitive and remedial, Eagle Flight School is so much more than summer school. Students not only get the opportunity to catch up, keep up and get ahead – they get academics combined with fun and exciting EXPLORE360 Learning Adventures outdoors.

Eagle Flight School is a blend of hands-on indoor and outdoor skills development, exercises and fun activities to keep young minds stimulated and active. The program – held at both the Oak Cliff and Waxahachie campuses during the summer – is free and open to all students in grades Pre-K thru 12th Grade, and includes breakfast and lunch every day.

“Our goal is to redirect students’ focus away from technology and screens and toward learning and building practical life skills,” said Aristo Torres, Faith Family Academy Dallas Campus principal.

“Students will not only learn about how to problem-solve, be prepared for middle school and college, and navigate the outdoors, they will also have the opportunity to learn teamwork, foster intellectual and interpersonal growth, and nurture friendships.“