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I'd like you to consider joining what is becoming one of the most exciting charter schools in this country. I believe that Faith Family Academy Charter will become the premier charter school district in Texas within a few short years.

We are making great progress in our charter schools in Oak Cliff and in Waxahachie. We have the same high standards and expectations for all students, and they are meeting them.

These great accomplishments by our schools are not a matter of luck. They are the result of the following:

  • Hard work and dedication of our teachers, principals, and students
  • A charter school staff working with a common purpose and a focus on the needs of children.
  • Community support and parent determination. You won't find a Charter school community more dedicated to its school than FFA PTSO.

That's the kind of school we want you to consider joining, a school with a plan for success. Our teachers feel successful because they are raising student performance.

If you have years of teaching under your belt, we welcome your expertise. If this will be your first teaching job, we're going to provide you with the support you need for a successful first year. We're a charter school that believes in high standards for all children. We provide teachers and schools the necessary support to help meet those standards.

Faith Family Academy is a community that cares deeply about its schools. Our Parent Teacher & Student Organization (PTSO) is strong and a vibrant part of our schools.

Teaching is fun and very fulfilling, yet sometimes challenging. We all know it's the most important profession there is. Will you consider coming to Faith Family Academy Charter Schools and working with us to become the premier charter school in Texas? We hope you say, "YES!"

Mollie Purcell




Pay Dates SY20-21

Month Middle of Month Pay Pay Period Payroll Cut-off Date Pay Date
September 09/11/2020 08/17/2020 09/12/2020 09/28/2020
October 10/09/2020 09/14/2020 10/10/2020 10/28/2020
November 11/13/2020 10/12/2020 11/14/2020 11/27/2020
December 12/11/2020 11/16/2020 12/12/2020 12/28/2020
January 01/08/2021 12/14/2020 01/09/2021 01/28/2021
February 02/12/2021 01/11/2021 02/13/2021 02/26/2021
March 03/12/2021 02/15/2021 03/13/2021 03/26/2021
April 04/09/2021 03/15/2021 04/10/2021 04/28/2021
May 05/14/2021 04/12/2021 05/15/2021 05/28/2021
June 06/11/2021 05/17/2021 06/12/2021 06/28/2021
July 07/09/2021 06/14/2021 07/10/2021 07/28/2021
August 08/13/2021 07/12/2021 08/14/2021

Payroll Forms & Resources

FFA employees enjoy the convenience of having their paychecks automatically deposited directly into a bank acount of their choice. If you need to make changes to your direct deposit bank account information, download and complete the form below and return to the Payroll Office (scan to .pdf OR intracampus mail).

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Direct Deposit/EFT Authorization Form for Multiple Accounts

The Form W-4 tells what percent of your salary you wish for the district to withhold from your paychecks for Federal Taxes. If you have had any changes in your family life (divorce, marriage, birth, etc.) you will want to complete a new Form W-4; please, print, complete and sign page 1 of the following form and send the completed Form W-4 to the Payroll Office (scan to .pdf OR intracampus mail).

2021 Form W-4

Ryan Harris

Ryan Harris
Assistant Superintendent

Sheryl Ellis

Sheryl Ellis
HR Administrator

Kelly Morris

Kelly Morris
Payroll Administrator