Perfect Attendance Contest

Thanks to a special partnership between Faith Family Academy and Drive Casa, high school students have the opportunity to win a car!

How it Works

Faith Family Academy high school students will earn the opportunity to participate in a drawing for the car for each 6-weeks of school that they complete perfect attendance during the school year. At the end of the year a drawing will be held to randomly select the winner of the car. The car will be given directly to the winning student/family.

No purchase required. Value of vehicle will be comparable to the sales price of other vehicles sold by Drive Casa & is not to exceed $13,500. Donation includes purchase tax, title, and license fees. In accordance with federal tax law the value of the vehicle will be reported as income to the recipient. The recipient may be subject to federal income tax related to the value of the vehicle. We suggest that the winner consult their personal tax advisor regarding the potential taxation of the vehicle.

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