Teacher Funding Resources

There are many ways outside partners want to support your classroom at FFA! Below are several ways opportunities to support innovative programming in your classrooms and school.

Please contact Shirley Heitzman, Executive Director of Development if you plan to pursue any of these funding resources at sheitzman@faithfamilyacademy.org or by phone at 972-802-4818.

Grants for Teachers

Teacher or school grants can provide a great way for you to have the extra resources you need to implement cool new ideas in your classroom or school!

Some organizations offer scholarships for a wide variety of teacher professional development and enrichment opportunities.

This site has a list of some of the best teacher classroom grants by topic, as well as a number of K-12 grants clearinghouse websites.

Please contact Shirley Heitzman, Executive Director of Development, for help with all aspects of the grant-seeking and grant-writing process. Email: sheitzman@faithfamilyacademy.org or Cell: 972-802-4818.

Grants Alert – Upcoming educator grants on all topics. Great calendar format.

Grant Guys

Grant Guys: Huge list by topic

Grant Wrangler – “Find Funding Fast for K-12 Schools”. Website on grants for teachers has grants by category: Arts, STEM, Libraries, Flipped Classroom, etc. “We make it easier for educators, school libraries, and parents to find school funding. We list grants for teachers, school grants, and money for arts, history, mathematics, science, technology, literacy, and more. We also help education foundations, community foundations, corporate foundations, and other grant-giving organizations more effectively promote their grants and awards to teachers and schools.” Grant Wrangler can be searched by keyword, category, or deadline.

Grants4Teachers - Finding grants is EASY with our Grant Search tool. Just select your state ... program category ... type of school and find grants in just seconds! Plus receive email grant alerts and other valuable teaching resources - FREE!

Math Grants – National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Playground & Garden Grants - Use this listing of school playground grants to secure funding for your school playground. Planning a school garden? Check out our listing of grants for school gardens.

Apply for PTSO Funding

The Faith Family Academy PTSO at both the Oak Cliff and Waxahachie campuses set aside a substantial portion of its budget to fund projects that improve the school community at Faith Family Academy campuses. The mission of the PTSO is to support the educational community at FFA to ensure that ALL students develop their potential to the maximum.

FFA PTSO Funding Applications will be considered for projects that:

  • Support our students in their educational & extracurricular experiences;
  • Promote positive communication among teachers, parents, and the community;
  • Enhance parental involvement as they become active agents and advocates of their children;
  • Recognize teachers and staff for their efforts in helping students succeed.


  • Applications should be made to the FFA PTSO. Applications can be delivered to Guillermo Miranda or emailed to gmiranda@faithfamilyacademy.org.
  • PTSO Funding requests are reviewed monthly by the PTSO Board, which is composed of representatives from school parents, teachers, administrators, and other staff.
  • All funding requests are subject to the approval of the principal and superintendent with input from the finance office.

GUIDELINES: Approval for funding is based primarily on the following considerations:

1. The impact of the project on students and the school.

2. The number of students impacted (the more students affected means larger impact).

3. The ability of the project to continue without additional PTSO funds. In most cases, funding is not provided for on-going support of programs.

4. PTSO funds cannot be used to fund salaries, stipends or to purchase core curriculum materials.

5. New PTSO funding awards will only be awarded to past recipients if a final report has been submitted and is on file.

6. PTSO funding must be spent only on specific application requests. If there is a change in the request, the PTSO Board needs to be notified and will review the modifications for approval

7. The PTSO Funding Request Application must support and be consistent with school community’s values and goals as listed on the FFA website.

Fundraising Application Process

Hosting a fundraiser is also a possibility for your school or activity. All fundraising activities must be approved by the Superintendent as per the process in the Teacher/Staff Handbook.

Please contact Shirley Heitzman, sheitzman@faithfamilyacademy.org or Cell: 972-802-4818 if you would like ideas on a variety of fundraising options.

Rotary Mini Grants

Thank you for your interest in the Dallas North Rotary Club and Faith Family Academy mini-grants. Teachers, counselors, administrators, and paraprofessionals from the Oak Cliff and Waxahachie campuses can apply for grants up to $350 - $1,000.


Monday, October 12, 2015. Grants are due Monday, October 12, 2015, but can be turned in any time before the deadline. PLEASE ALLOW ONE WEEK FOR PRINCIPAL SIGNATURE. Please SUBMIT APPLICATIONS TO PRINCIPALS BY Monday, October 5, 2015 for signature.

Download the application.

FOR MORE INFORMATION or help on your grant, contact: Shirley Heitzman sheitzman@faithfamilyacademy.org or by phone at 972-802-4818.

Mini-Grant Video Requirement

A 1-2 minute VIDEO is a required part of the application. Please contact Mr. Lopez, Instructional Specialist, at elopez@faithfamilyacademy.org for support on creating the video.

Making a Video

You can use Windows Movie Maker which is free in Windows computers and iMovie in Apple computers. The iMovie app is available in iPhones and iPads and is really friendly.

iMovie website

Windows Movie Maker website

Other Resources