Master Teacher Model

Qualities of a Master Teacher:

  • Invests a majority of their professional learning time with a learning team that engages in a cycle of continuous improvement that is driven by data to improve outcomes for both educators and students.
    • Implementing and serving as leads in Rounds Model of teacher team observations and feedback.
  • Shares responsibility for the success of all students with the other members of their learning teams for both horizontal and vertical alignment.
  • Implements and fosters systems that provide new teachers opportunities to develop their leadership and instructional skills essential to implementing effective student learning practices through the Master Teacher model.
  • Advocates for effective professional learning opportunities that are prioritized based on impact of student need.
  • Utilizes data to inform lesson planning and personal growth/impact on student learning.
  • Embraces learning theories and design that are aligned to learner needs and intended outcomes.
  • Pursues ongoing feedback, coaching, and other support mechanisms key to effective implementation of new practices within the Common Instructional Framework.