Faith Family Academy has been awarded a School Climate Transformation Grant from the U.S. Department of Education for $1,896,540 to implement evidence-based programs that improve school climate, strengthen student connectedness and school pride, and enhance school safety over the next five years.

Grant funding will support the implementation of the nationally-recognized Safe & Civil Schools Schoolwide Positive Interventions and Supports FOUNDATIONS framework. This program will expand supports to meet students' academic and socio-emotional needs, provide professional development for teachers and campus staff, and increase connections with parents and the community.

The project will also provide funding to expand the EXPLORE 360 program (currently only in Grades 5 and 9) to all grade levels over the next 5 years. EXPLORE 360 is an innovative, experiential education program that that combines academic learning with socio-emotional skills. The program engages students in real-world leadership and socio-emotional learning activities that develop pro-social skills and positive personal relationships with others.

Faith Family Academy will partner with Safe & Civil Schools, The University of Texas at Austin – Institute for Organizational Excellence, Midwestern University, and Southern Methodist University to create positive learning environments that help students improve academically, participate more fully in the classroom, and develop skills that will help them be successful in school and life.

students at explore 360