Athletics: Why They're Important

We at Faith Family Academy know that sports are vitally important in the educational process. The adage, strong body, strong mind is something we believe in wholeheartedly.

boys basketball team

Athletics instills and reinforces the qualities of leadership, discipline, teamwork, determination, willpower, and tenacity. Athletics have the power to instill and grow confidence and self-esteem in children in a way few things do.

Not only do athletics empower youth, they also motivate students academically, enabling them to earn better grades, especially in a school environment where obtaining and maintaining certain grades is a pre-requisite to staying on the team, as it is at Faith Family.

We believe so strongly in our athletic program that we secured the direction of Brandon Thomas as our Athletic Director, invested substantially in the construction of a first-class gymnasium, and commit to providing our athletes with all the uniforms and equipment they need to be successful.

We believe that athletics are extremely important for our students, and we are committed to continuing to grow the athletic programs and offerings at Faith Family Academy to ensure that all students have the opportunity to grow and thrive physically as well as academically.

Go Eagles!

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