Extra-Curriculars On Display

On Thursday, our Middle School students got a special look at High School extra-curricular offerings.

word cloud about passion and positivity

On their way to lunch, they were greeted by elaborately decorated tables and high school student representatives from various clubs and organizations on campus, giving middle school students a good look at what these areas of high school life look like before students complete their student interest sheets next week.

Music played and students danced and sang as representatives from The Business Club, Choir, Theater, and Creative Arts talked with students about their programs. Trophies earned in competition were displayed, the Theater table was decked out in playbills and production paraphernalia, and the Creative Arts table featured a sewing machine and a stage makeup demonstration.

It was Faith Family Kids at their finest, talking about the areas of campus life that they are passionate about.

Next week, middle school students will be given an interest sheet to complete, which will guide their placement in next year's extra-curricular classes.Confidentiality Notice: This email may contain confidential and/or private information. If you received this email in error please delete and notify sender.

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